galactic playground

galactic playground
Chronos Cosmos: Deep Time, Open Space
Socrates Sculpture Park
New York, US
Curated by Jess Wilcox

Galactic Playground was first exhibited at:
Site Santa Fe Biennial
New Mexico, US
Curated by Ruba Katrib, José Luis Blondet, Candice Hopkins

Galactic Playground is a large-scale interactive game board based on the cycles of the sun. Like a brightly coloured spaceship that has landed in New York for a six-month vist, Navarro ́s work is activated by the cosmos. Like a sundial, the shadow of the needle moves through a sequence of instructions written on its surface as the sun appears to move across the sky. The instructions, then, vary according to the time of the day and the season. Some trigger a physical action, others conceptual considerations, and all connect the player with the sun as well as with other living entities.