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First one: How can I know that my question is replied? Second one: Why do plants bloom at some times of the year and shed their flowers at other times Third one: Should I start reading Graham Harman
dear Tibet Şahin, thank you for your 3 questions. 1. the only way to know when your question is replied is by visiting the website some time after, same way you go back to visit a friend. 2. Plants bloom and shed their flowers the same way water becomes ice and then clouds, its all a choreographed illusion of states, perhaps there is a spiritual energy behind the illusion of mutations. 3. Remember that philosophy can only exist if the mind is considered real. The mind does not exist, it's a self thought idea.
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dear Duck, thank you for your question. my reply is: yes, I totally agree that a gluten free bread option on airplanes would be more politically correct. yours