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hello eduardo, what would you tell a person that would like to develop his own perception of art but doesn't have the courage to do so just because this person thinks she/he can't?. if there's a process, please extend yourself explaining it... how will they break free and dance?
Hello dear “Peter Pan” I can certainly feel your chosen name to ask the question takes me to and eternal childhood state of being. you don’t need courage, there is nothing really there to fight with. art is solving problems, in many cases, emotional "problems", you then simply share your solution with others, nothing more. This is what I do. Solve what blocks you from with in by making an art work that ponders this, even better, invent a personal dance to break-dance the illusion that you “can’t”.
what's love for you? what image appears in your mind when someone asks you? does the word love bring you a sort of illusion? a dream inside a dream within itself?
Thank you for such nice question. Love is imageless, if you see it you are out side of it. Love is erasing the boundary between you and the world. Love is not a dream, a dream is what you wake up from
hello Eduardo, can you recommend books, films, artist you like?
Dear Lucy, my favorite book that I am currently reading is, "leyendas de Guatemala", please see all the movies of Ullrike Ottinger. I love Jean Cocteau and Francis Picabia
Hi Eduardo. He visto tu trabajo y me ha encantado. Resuen mucho con lo que estoy desarrollando en una nueva investigación en el espacio publico que estoy haciendo. Me gustaría saber si acompañas proyectos o colaboras con otras artistas? Me gustaría mucho hablar contigo. Yo vivo en Barcelona pero si tienes tiempo podemos hacer una video llamada. Quizas el mensaje es muy directo, pero estoy curiosa de saber mas de tus procesos creativos y espirituales. Un saludo.
hola Andrea, puedes enviarme un mail aqui y me cuentas mas: gracias
viste la flor del magnolio casi florecida hoy?
dear 'tu mirada' parece que llego el momento de florecer para magnolia. espero que en su florecer deje cartas de perfume a los pájaros que tanto le quieren
First one: How can I know that my question is replied? Second one: Why do plants bloom at some times of the year and shed their flowers at other times Third one: Should I start reading Graham Harman
dear Tibet Şahin, thank you for your 3 questions. 1. the only way to know when your question is replied is by visiting the website some time after, same way you go back to visit a friend. 2. Plants bloom and shed their flowers the same way water becomes ice and then clouds, its all a choreographed illusion of states, perhaps there is a spiritual energy behind the illusion of mutations. 3. Remember that philosophy can only exist if the mind is considered real. The mind does not exist, it's a self thought idea.
cuack cuack cuack?
dear Duck, thank you for your question. my reply is: yes, I totally agree that a gluten free bread option on airplanes would be more politically correct. yours