sonic muscle

Eduardo Navarro: sonic muscle (Hero image)

Artist in residency
Open to the public experience
New York City

“Sonic Muscle” is a collective attempt to explore a circular hearing of a sheared heart while rhythmically traveling into the cellular and spatial depths of the body. Aided by stethoscopes, a group of 11 participants first familiarize themselves with their own sonic muscle to then contemplate and borrow the heartbeat of their neighbor over a longer time interval. Some questions they shared: How does the ear react to the heart, and the heart to the ear? How do self and group correspond, and where do the sound-waves blur the distinctions? After the circular hearing finished, participants were invited to draw on their bodies and their neighbors body images, sounds and intuitions. This work is a on going investigation rooted on ways to explore a shared contemplative state of perception while using drawing as a poetic electrocardiogram that translates intuitive mind states into sound-symbols.