Torcuato Di Tella University
River Plate Stadium
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Curated by Sonia Becce

ORBITA is a 25 minute performance that consisted of a guided meditation at River Plate, the largest stadium in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The audience was invited to be at a specific stadium door at 7 pm. Once the gate opened and as the audience entered the empty stadium halls, they were handed a flyer with instructions and suggestions on how to contemplate the performance, such as walking to the stand in silence, sitting as straight as possible, focusing on the breathing and not littering. Once inside, and as the audience walked to the stand, three performers began walking around the athletics track; I was one of them. While slowly walking, we carried these antenas, and we simultaneously played a crystal cup with our fingers. The mantra and the circular sound of the three cups was amplified with a PA system to the entire stadium with the use of wireless microphones inside acrylic boxes. Once we had gone around the athletics track we positioned ourselves behind the main performer who was about to guide the audience. While we kept on playing the crystal cups, the guide asked the audience to close their eyes while leading them into a series of imaginary landscapes and surreal situations that the audience had to visualise with their eyes closed. Once the meditation was over, we stopped playing the cups and the audience was asked to slowly open their eyes. After some minutes of silence the audience walked out of the stadium following the printed instructions given to them at the entrance. The emptiness of the stadium contrasted with the insight of the guided meditation. The meditation aimed to take the audience into a different mental state and transform their perception of space and time.