I found a forest at the bottom of the ocean

Eduardo Navarro: I found a forest at the bottom of the ocean (Hero image)

‘The Ocean in the Forest’
Group Show at Wanås Konst
Curated by Milena Høgsberg

Somewhere in time, there was once a forest at the bottom of an ocean. If you dived deep into this ocean you would suddenly find yourself walking in a forest. After a long walk you would reach an ocean once again. Guess what would happen if you dived into this ocean? Yes, you would  find a forest at the bottom, falling into a cosmic timeless loop of endless reincarnations and shape shifting.

But one day, in the vastness of these endless circles, a jellyfish decided to step away from evolution . This dry jellyfish had the power to translate its bioluminescent patterns into sound-waves in order to share its truths to the forest, its animals and other non material entities. They would listen silently everyday while contemplating the origin of their common oceanic ancestors come together in harmony. “Listen to me – Time is circular – I was once a tree”