Eduardo Navarro: f.o.c.a (Hero image)

(Fundación – Oceánica -de- Contemplación – Amorosa)
(Foundation -for-the- Oceanic – Contemplation -of- Affection)
Fundación Botín Scholarship for the Arts

For a while I have been feeding orphan baby seals in an attempt to write a multidimensional salty poem of encounters, fears, trust and love. F.o.c.a is a on going work supported by the Botin Foundation. I love being their paternal mother. I love not knowing where we are heading with this (me and the seals). I trust that one day, a spark will bring it all together in a shareable artistic language of anecdotes – but mainly, I trust these baby seals will one day go back into the ocean and have a story worth telling to other sea creatures – perhaps in the most unusual ways too.

soy una foca
por eso nada me toca
en mi nariz
no balanceo tu pelota
mi tarde perfecta
es descansar sobre una roca
pero a pesar de que juego y bailo como una loca
a mi nada
pero nada
del mar
me desenfocà