By divine chance I met The Cosmic Clown in the streets of New Delhi in 2018. This Cosmic Deity lives in the galaxy of Andromeda: located 1.4 light years away from earth. Instantly, I became his devotee. I invited him- with the support  of Indian artists duo BaRiya (Riya Raagini and Pratyush Pushkar) to visit a children’s school in New Delhi. 100 children came to see him. He tried to inflate balloons and do portraits of all of them but it became impossible – suddenly he dematerialised into thin air. Some months later I invited The Cosmic Clown to give a holographic talk at the Di Tella University in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The talk was titled “What is the difference between and apple and the art works of Eduardo Navarro?”. I specifically asked him to explain if actually there is any difference between my work and an apple. The talk was a part of an international symposium called ‘Inminencias. Arte frente a la crisis Ecológica y a la duplicación del mundo. Segundas Jornadas de arte & estética’ directed by Graciela Speranza & Ines Katzenstein. The Cosmic Clown accepted the invitation. With the use of a live holographic telecommunication device, The Cosmic Clown addressed the audience with a very thin voice that navigated an endless stream of absurd thoughts and visual exercises while managing to explain in a very poetic way, why art and an apple are simply one. His talk lasted 20 minutes. The Cosmic Clown did not take any questions during Q&A. He disintegrated  into the darkness of the screen never to be seen again since May 2018.

I know The Cosmic Clown is currently collaborating with none other than musician ALAN COURTIS (Reynols) in a record that captures the landscape sounds of Andromeda. This record will come out in 2034 – so be patient, it’s a deity.

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