TBA21  with Centro de Creación Contemporánea de Andalucía C3A, Spain:

I collaborated with the Guadalquivir River of Cordoba, inviting visitors of “Meandering”, the show at C3A in 2022, to be apart of a guided drawing meditation in an area where the Guadalquivir once flooded the land with life. Now it’s an area full of trees as the river slowly became more and more narrow over the years. On March 2024 a book of “Meandering” was published by Sternberg Press -TBA21.

“Focus your attention on the singing fish, they once swam here and now have become birds” In this morning meditation session, Eduardo Navarro invites us to visualise a river moving between the fingers of land, as if it were a loop of contemplation beads, while softening our senses into becoming oceanic. Through participatory drawing, deep listening exercises, and a communal breakfast, Navarro proposes a journey inward to reflect on how rivers flow in and out of the ocean as well as through us, bringing awareness to the reciprocal interplay between river, land, and ocean.

Curated by: Sofia Lemos. photos: Lourdes Cabrera

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