magnetic towers

Eduardo Navarro: magnetic towers (Hero image)

Magnetic Towers #1
Museum of Modern Art, Buenos Aires
Group Show “18 Minutes from the Sun”
Private Collection
2023 – 2024

This work was created contemplating visual impairment from its genesis. I don’t like the way blind people at a museum have artworks translated into experiences that don’t allow them to touch the actual artwork. I believe images exist on multiple levels, some of them exist outside the visual field and require a different perception. Magnetic Towers is a drawing and an invisible experience. With the use of magnetic gloves, the drawing can be touched and explored. Magnets under the drawing expand the image as such, transforming the drawing it into a magnetic meridians. The sighted and blind public are invited to search the energetic cardinal points in the work, created to be perceived as a gate into a universe where our eyes are on our fingertips.

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